Welcome back Studio Coffee Folks! We’ve got a double dip of Ryan news this weekend as Ryan Gosling prepares for another space adventure and Ryan Reynolds suits up for his next project, an adaptation of the ’80s arcade game, Dragon’s Lair for Netflix. That and more, right here. Let’s get started!

Andy Weir heads back to the silver screen with Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling andy weir

Ryan Gosling is teaming up with The Martian writer Andy Weir on an adaptation of his upcoming novel Project Hail Mary. For the movie, Gosling will play an astronaut whose spaceship is left to save the planet from an as of yet unnamed space threat. The book will be published in Spring 2021 from Random House and those who’ve read it are pretty happy, per Deadline. MGM has its eyes on the project, with Gosling and Ken Kao set to produce.

Netflix adds a Dragon’s Lair adaptation to its hoard

dragon's lair netflix adapation
Yes, Dragon’s Lair is a real video game that looks really pretty.

It looks like Ryan Reynolds is heading into the Dragon’s Lair for Netflix. The video game, that is. THR has the exclusive from this weekend revealing that he’s in talks to both star in and produce a live-action adaptation of the 1980’s arcade game for Netflix. Even if you never played the game, you’ll probably recognize the work of famed Disney animator Don Bluth (Anastasiaa, The Secret of Nimh, All Dogs go to Heaven), which you can peak at above. Dragon’s Lair follows a classic story of a knight, Dirk the Daring, rescuing Princess Daphne from a nasty wizard and dragon team up; for the movie, Reynolds will obviously take on the role of Dirk. On the script side, Netflix is bringing on The Lego Movie and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark writers Dan and Kevin Hageman.

HBO cuts production short on Barry and Succession

barry hbo

On March 13, WarnerMedia Entertainment shutdown all of its HBO series. Chief among those, as we’ve learned recently, are Barry, Bill Hader’s hilarious drama about an assassin turned amateur actor, and Succession, the corporate family drama from Jesse Armstrong. Both were in pre-pro at the time and HBO has now decided to completely push production dates back at this point. HBO’s statement reads: “We are looking forward to resuming preproduction when it is safe and healthy for everyone working on our shows to do so. Where possible, our writers are continuing to write remotely,” per DeadlineBarry fans (raises hand) are especially disappointed as the show’s return was already up in the air.

The Sandwiches of Egg and the Breakfast of One Harley Quinn

Birds of Prey

It’s Monday, it’s the beginning of the work week and, for those of us working from home, that makes getting back into the groove pretty tough. So, why not make a sandwich instead? Specifically, the sandwich of egg and the breakfast of one Harley Quinn, with a reciep from Bruno Oliver, who played short order cook Sal in Warner Bros.’ Birds of Prey. Admittedly, it’s a pretty simple recipe and the only thing you might not have on hand is the ciabatta – but eggs, American cheese, bacon and hot sauce on any toasted, buttered bread is bound to be pretty tasty. Variety’s got the video here, in honor of Birds of Prey hitting digital on March 24. Hopefully, your sandwich doesn’t end up like hers.

Rick and Morty is on hiatus, but here’s a cool, anime samurai short?

Rick and Morty is going back on hiatus, but it’s not leaving without a parting gift. On Saturday, Adult Swim released a 5 minute short titled Samurai & Shogun. It’s extremely violent and, later, extremely weird! They go to space, there are portals and samurai and even an evil Rick. It’s directed and scripted by Kaichi Sato and voice actors Yohei Tadano and Keisuke Chiba lend their talents to Rick WTM72 and Shogun Morty respectively. Studio DEEN handled animation for the short. Apparently, voice acting for the rest of season 4 is completed, though rewrites and revisions are still underway, though we can expect it to air this year, per Collider.