I’ve been slaving away on an outside project ever since the holidays wrapped, and I’ve had very limited time to write anything too substantial here. Luckily the new kids have been keeping things going reading comics, posting news and generally running wild in the place. So thank Brandon, Alex,
Kyle, Hannah and Dave! The project is wrapping up and I’ll be back in the saddle I hope. The new features like reviews and entertainment news won’t be going away but I hope to get back to the regular Beat recipe which has been altered a bit of late.

In the meantime, it’s time for a poll! Yes! every few years I ask YOU dear readers what you want to see more of! Or the same of. I’ll run a separate what you hate poll later but for now…let’s concentrate on the positive!

AND NOW POLL #2! Exciting! Who are YOU????? And what are you doing here?


  1. I voted for breaking industry news, but my second choice – had it been on the poll – would have been for more news about bat-shit crazy stuff that has happened and continues to happen in the comics field. I’d rather laugh than weep.

  2. i’m with Tony.
    Pádraig Ó Méalóid raised the bar for comics journalism here at the Beat, and i would love to see way waaaay more like it.

    i picked reviews, but not the puff piece Valiant/Boom/Dynamite reviews that come off more like cut-and-paste PR releases that have been posted here with regularity.
    you, Heidi, are pretty good about spotlighting lesser known comics of various formats from time to time. i’d love to see some in depth reviews to go along with them.

    thanks for listening!

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