Snow Angels, the Comixology Originals series from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Jock, wrapped its ten-issue digital run last year. Two trade paperback collections from Dark Horse have already brought the Eisner Award-winning series to print, but readers who want to own the full story in one package are about to get their wish. Today Dark Horse announced that Snow Angels will be released in a single-volume Library Edition hardcover, due out in stores next spring.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Snow Angels:

Milli and Mae don’t really know how their people came to live here. No one does, not even their wise and gentle Father. On Milliken’s twelfth birthday, their father takes the two girls on an overnight skate down the trench–a coming-of-age ritual to teach them how to fish the frozen river, how to hunt the wild Trenchdogs that wander its frigid banks, and how to give proper thanks to their frozen Gods–The Colden Ones. It’s the trip of a lifetime until the girls push beyond the borders of their humble land and awaken the Trench’s deadly defender…The Snowman! What follows next is an action-packed story of survival, loss and redemption. 

Although Dark Horse has brought numerous other Comixology Originals projects to print already as part of the ongoing agreement between the two publishers, Snow Angels is the first series that’ll be getting a hardcover release, and in the Library Editions format no less. Dark Horse’s Library Editions are high-quality oversized hardcovers that are, frankly, some of the nicest collections any publisher puts out. Lemire’s Black Hammer series and its numerous spinoffs have all been collected or will be collected in Library Editions previously, and Snow Angels is a great candidate to join them, especially given Jock’s striking visuals, which will be given even more space to shine in the larger-than-standard-scale format.

The two softcover volumes of Snow Angels are available from Dark Horse Comics now, and all single issues and collections are still available digitally via Comixology as well. The Snow Angels Library Edition is due out in stores in early 2023.