Back in March, The Small Press Spotlight took a look at Musk Factor Studios’ Kickstarter campaign for its first epic comic Templars’ Code. The book “about an engineer in a Mars colony who finds the Holy Grail, which lets him travel back in time to help Nikola Tesla” is an original title filled with action, time travel, mystical elements, science fiction, and another interpretation of the Knights Templar. Now the publisher is looking to expand the book’s reach even more by continuing to crowdfund on Indiegogo’s InDemand.

Written by Rafael Tadevosyan, the story takes place in the Musk Factor Universe and is a spinoff of the Musk Factor series, a satirical sci-fi comedy about a tech startup. Andranik Asatryan heads up the art team, Ani Avetisyan is the illustrator and inker, and Alex Mikaelyan takes on letters.

Read details below:

“The story follows Tom, an astronaut working on the Martian colony. After getting lost in a sandstorm, he is rescued by the Martian Templars, who take Tom to their keep where they guard the Holy Grail. According to the Templars, the Holy Grail is a line of code that allows them to travel through time and space. Tom is tasked with going back in time to help Nikola Tesla complete his inventions to solve the future energy crisis.

A big aspect of the story is Tom’s day-to-day life on the Mars colony. All the colonists have a special wrist gadget that allows them to track their nutrition intake and acts as a tracking device in case they get lost. All the food on the Mars colony comes in special containers designed to withstand the different atmosphere and gravity. The colonists even have a unique sport called Ulama, where the players must hit a ball through a hoop using their hips (the sport they played in the animated film The Road to El Dorado). He also forms a special bond with a fellow colonist and a bit of the story is dedicated to their blossoming relationship.

Tom helps Nikola Tesla create the wireless energy transfer device, which drastically changes the future. With the presence of wireless energy transfer as the main source of energy, the world changes completely, with the absence of fossil fuels. 

As the future changes, it is discovered that many changes have taken place in Tom’s personal life as well.”

Just as the Martian Templars are pursuing a brighter future, Musk Factor Studios is also looking to use their publications as a vehicle for their ideals and values. The goal, and the reason for additional funding for the project, is to create a shared universe that “will converge with the virtual space, Codism Metaverse. In the Codism Metaverse, all users will be able to collaborate on a variety of projects that will shape a brighter future.”

Take a look at a few exclusive new pages from Templars’ Code below and head over to Indiegogo to back the campaign.

Templars' Code Templars' Code Templars' Code