The Small Press Spotlight is going to Mars this week thanks to Musk Factor Studios. The publisher has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its first epic comic Templars’ Code. Described as “a comic book about an engineer in a Mars colony who finds the Holy Grail, which lets him travel back in time to help Nikola Tesla,” the original title is action-packed with time travel, mystical elements, science fiction, and of course the Knights’ Templar.

Templars' Code

Written by Rafael Tadevosyan, the comic is part of the Musk Factor Universe and a spinoff of the Musk Factor series, a satirical sci-fi comedy about a tech startup. Andranik Asatryan leads the art team, using his range of artistic styles to bring out the tale. Ani Avetisyan is the illustrator and inker, while Alex Mikaelyan takes on letters.

Templars' Code

Deemed a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter, the comic is described as “an explosive original comic book filled with mystical adventures, time-travel, and everyone’s favorite order of chivalry: The Knights Templar. Set in the Mars colonization era, it is a literal out-of-this-world adventure comic that follows Tom, a pioneering engineer employed by a Martian Colony. On Mars, Tom stumbles upon the Holy Grail and with it, travels back in time to help Nicola Tesla prevent many of the catastrophic events of the twentieth century.”

“Mars is a new world for humans; it’s a tantalizing place of mystery and intrigue. The masses believe that Mars is none but a barren wasteland—an empty planet perpetuated by heat, violent winds, and infinite deserts.  But Tom, ardent with faith, soon unmasks secrets hidden beneath the sandy dunes of Mars. In doing so, Tom may be able to prove that this seemingly lifeless planet, is in fact, the very core of paramount events that span across time itself.”

To back Templars’ Code, click here! Watch a trailer for the series below!