Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment is staying quite busy with two new personnel moves and media partnerships.

Alex Antone Headshot .jpg

They just announced two new hires: Alex Antone, who left DC a month or so back, has joined Skybound as Senior Editor. He’ll report to SVP and Editor-in-Chief Sean Mackiewicz while focusing on expanding the comics line. Current titled include Robert Kirkman’s Oblivion SongDie!Die!Die!, and upcoming series Fire Power, Donny Cates’ Redneck, and John Layman’s Outer Darkness.

Hanna Armour Headshot

Hanna Armour has joined Skybound to beef up their media side. With the title Creative Executive for Film and Television, she’ll work under Co-Presidents Sean and Bryan Furst. Current first-look deals include a first-look film deal with Universal and a first-look television deal at Amazon. Armour formerly worked at Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco as a digital and  podcast producer.

But that is not all! Skybound also announced some new partnerships:

Skybound has also partnered with Attack Peter (Peter Santa-Maria), a printmaking expert who has gained a dedicated fan following through his original designs and prints of pop culture icons. His hand-made linoleum block prints have been commissioned by Marvel and Sideshow.  Influenced by traditional imagery from Thailand and American traditional tattoo flash, Attack Peter is partnered with Skybound for art on upcoming projects across comics, games, and more. Peter announced his partnership with Skybound via a video creating a new block print: 

Skybound also recently partnered with the Schmoedown Entertainment Network (SEN), home of Movie Trivia Schmoedown (MTS), a Jeopardy meets WWE style entertainment league. Originally a fun segment on a podcast, the idea blossomed into a full movie trivia league with big personalities, costumes, score, and more to match. MTS has become a sport for the movie fanatic, and the current slate of SEN programming gathers 1.5 million views a month. A sizzle reel can be found here:

On Skybound’s new creative partnerships, CEO David Alpert said, “Both Attack Peter and The Schmoedown are doing amazing things in unique ways. Through Skybound we can help both creators bring their audiences more new and exciting content, while also introducing our fans to new projects that we think they’ll love.”