Canada Reads, a yearly contest to pick the best Canadian books of the year, has launched a campaign to select the Top 40 Essential Canadian Novels of the Decade, and two graphic novels have been selected by the public: ESSEX COUNTY by Jeff Lemire and SKIM by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki.

Canada has spoken! We asked you for your nominations for the Top 40 Essential Canadian Novels of the Decade and did you ever answer.
Canadians around the world sent in their suggestions through our recommendation form, email, Facebook and Twitter. We tallied up each and every vote. More than 6,000 nominations came in and you voted for 400 different novels of every genre: science fiction, mystery, romance, young adult and more. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the result!

Other writers represented include Margaret Atwood, William Gibson and Ann-Marie MacDonald, so it’s pretty good company.

Voting is open to the public, and it would be nice if a graphic novel was represented in the Top 10, hint, hint, hint.


  1. I want to really encourage people to go there and vote. This is an annual event in Canada and it really pushes the sales of the books finally chosen (there will be five and, so far, I think they have always been novels). I have already voted for Essex County and it would really help Lemire and Tamaki if there books went the distance.