It’s time for Weekend Reading 27, which means we’re now entering the back half of COVID-19 Quarantine: Year One. We are sure no one will be surprised that we are marking the occasion with some reading!

As usual, we hope that you will share your weekend reading plans with us in the comment section. The whole Beat team really looks forward to hearing what our readers are paging through every weekend, and we appreciate your sharing!

Weekend Reading 27
Weekend Reading 27: Relish

AVERY KAPLAN: I was lucky enough to get an unexpected comic as a gift in the mail this week, so I’ll be reading (and possibly also cooking some recipes from) Relish by Lucy Knisley. Then, I’m going to check out Devolution by Max Brooks on the recommendation of Ricky Serrano (who read the novel for Weekend Reading 19).

Weekend Reading 27
Weekend Reading 27: Black is the Color

PHILIPPE LEBLANC: What a stressful and depressing time to be alive, maybe it’s time I calm down by reading something a little lighter. I know, Laid Waste and Black is the Color by Julia Gfrörer will do the trick. Her latest graphic novel Vision came out a few weeks ago and I haven’t had a chance to pick it up just yet. I also want to revisit Nijigahara Holograph by Inio Asano. I don’t know what to make of life anymore. I hope you guys are doing better and staying strong out there.

Weekend Reading 27
Weekend Reading 27: Black Panther

TAIMUR DAR: When I first got back into comics I remember encountering the first trade of Christopher Priest Black Panther in my school’s library. I’ve read sporadic issues of Priest’s acclaimed run since then but the entire series proper. So with the massive Black Panther giveaway on ComiXology right now, it’s too good an opportunity not to finally read Priest’s run in its entirety. 

Weekend Reading 27: Interim

JOSH HILGENBERG: Well, I think someone heard my wish from last week: my ShortBox is here! Last year was my first time backing the set and I was absolutely floored. I’ve been picking up a few more titles here and there ever since and they’re consistently some of my favorite reads, so I’m stoked to check out what editor Zainab Akhtar has in store for 2020. Now I have to make the big decision of what to read first: the trippy sci-fi Interim by Alissa Chan or the spooky capitalism satire Dead End Jobs For Ghosts by Aminder Dhaliwal

Weekend Reading 27
Weekend Reading 27: Stranger Things Happen

RUTH JOHNSON: I’ve been reading Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link, which is a delightful short story collection about the dead, ghosts and what happens when we interact with the speculative and the weird.