With just one day to go until She-Ra and the Princesses of Power returns for 13 brand new episodes, the show’s social media team has released three S4 clips that reveal some key information for the new season. The new season is nothing like what’s come before, and these clips only begin to tease the new status quo in Etheria.

On Thursday, DreamWorks released a 2:29 clip that shows the Best Friend Squad taking on a really big, really angry monster who lives in the tunnels under Bright Moon. Glimmer, Bow, and Adora encounter the beast during Glimmer’s coronation, and the fight quickly goes downhill when Glimmer reveals that she hasn’t been recharging her powers since her mom died. Grab a box of tissues before you hit play on this one; trust me.

On Friday, DreamWorks shared a 1:57 clip starring Glimmer — her powers fully recharged and stronger than ever — and Shadow Weaver, who’s taken up gardening. These two have a fascinating dynamic; Shadow Weaver taught Glimmer’s late father, King Micah, to use his powers before she joined the Horde. In season three, she pulled power from Glimmer in order to enhance Glimmer’s teleportation abilities. And in She-Ra S4, it’s clear that their dynamic continues to shift — for better or for worse.

Finally, on Monday, DreamWorks released a 1:42 clip that introduces the highly-anticipated new character Double Trouble, a shapeshifting non-binary mercenary voiced by Jacob Tobia. Of all the released She-Ra S4 clips, this is the only one that reveals any of what’s happening with Catra and the Horde.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power S4 debuts on Netflix Tuesday, November 5. For more about the new season, check out the trailer below and see our Amanda Steele‘s coverage of the New York Comic Con series panel.