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This gets a HYPE ALERT rating since I’m in it, but Marisa Stotter’s documentary She Makes Comics will finally be available on December 9th—either as a DVD from Sequart or via digital download. The film was directed by Stotter and produced by Patrick Meaney and Jordan Rennert of Respect! Films, with exec producers Julian Darius and Mike Phillips (both of Sequart) and Columbia University comics librarian Karen Green. The film was screened a few weeks back and everyone who saw it greatly enjoyed it. I enjoyed being interviewed for it, and it’s a story well worth telling, if I do say so myself. Previous documentaries of comics interviews often included a few women, but this puts the spotlight on key figures in the history of comics including Karen Berger, Wendy Pini and Kelly Sue DeConnick.

The film was funded on Kickstarter. Previous Sequart films include Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts, and The Image Revolution (I’m in a couple of those too MORE HYPE.)

She Makes Comics tells the little-known story of women in comics, highlighting the contributions they have made to the medium since the turn of the 20th century. It features interviews with such prominent figures as historian Trina Robbins,Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, underground comics artist Joyce Farmer, former DC Comics publisher Jenette Kahn, Wendi Pini, Colleen Doran, Karen Berger, and dozens of others.

She Makes Comics is now available to order on DVD and as a digital download at The digital version ships on 9 December. DVD orders shipping domestically and placed by 16 December will arrive in time for the holidays.



  1. Would love to be able to buy off iTunes but I’ve had a look and can’t find it. Any possibility of making it available for sale online?

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