The show season rolls on this weekend with the MoCCA Festival here in scenic New York. Although it”s a hot summer day in the 80s today, it’s expected to be in the 50s by the weekend, so sweat looks to be at a minimum.

Send us your news and debuts at comicsbeat at gmail dot com. We’ll be running our usual preview over the next few days. Also links to your blogs with news and artwork. Remember, don’t send tiffs or cmyk. And see you at the show!


  1. I’m a bit upset the festival wasn’t in the summer. I guess the location choice and last year’s experience pushed it to April. Oh, well…

  2. (NOAA) forecasts temps in the 40-65°F range, slight chance of rain. Is there a coat check?

    Perfect time for a show. Right before Chicago, counter-balances APE and SPX.

    No reason why someone couldn’t program a show in the Summer, but HVAC is costly (I still remember the chill from the King Con gymnasium, and from Big Apple). A hotel would solve that problem, but cost more? (SPX has always been in hotels.) Or maybe a school cafeteria or gym like Ramapo, or a church, or community center.

    Only problem: Con War with Kids Comic Con in the Bronx on Saturday. Different clientele, but some fans (like me) attend both, as do some professionals.

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