As you prep for SDCC over the next few days, I’ve been sharing a few tips and notifications. First was a mysterious new one-shot that Paul Cornell will be announcing at some point during the weekend. Now comes news that Christopher Hastings, creator of Dr McNinja, will be announcing a new book at the X-Men panel on Sunday.

The only clue he gives as to which title it’ll be is

Hint: it’s not Deadpool

Meaning it won’t be a follow-up to his Fear Itself: Deadpool tie-in miniseries from a while back. So keep an eye out!

Hastings will also be launching the very first and long-demanded Dr McNinja Omnibus at SDCC, edited by Rachel Edidin:



  1. Marvel doesn’t have a properly titled book going by “Uncanny”. Just call it this and be done with. Andy Diggle can then talk through his or Dynamite’s lawyers.

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