All around the world, everyone is pacting with Stan Lee! From Japanese jpop sensation Yoshiki to Pamela Anderson to Boom! Studios to Morgan Spurlock, everyone had done it becuase it’s so fun! The legendary Man is the king of pacting — he’s got deals in place with just about every entity out there.

And now you can win your OWN chance to pact with Stan Lee via MTV, which is holding a talent search for creators to work with lee on a NEW series, THE SEEKERS.

MTV Geek, the news site/comics portal is announcing their new comics content this morning, including The Seekers. Other new comics properties include SEPTEMBER MOURNING with M Lazar, a music/comics hybrid. And also two more tarditional webcomics: Divination, written by Eisner nominee Val Staples and Gina Iorio and illustrated by Julia Laud, and Department P.U.L.P. by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood.

Details in PR below

MTV Geek, (http://geek.mtv.com and http://m.mtv.com/geek/), a central multiplatform hub for comic related and inspired content, will announce several new comics, multiplatform experiences, and partnerships at its panel at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, July 23, including details behind the partnership with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment on the creation and contest for “The Seekers,” in which one illustrator and one writer will be selected by Lee to helm the comic. Additional announcements include a partnership with Top Cow Productions on the forthcoming launch of a music and comic hybrid entitled “SEPTEMBER MOURNING,” as well as the launch of two new original comics “Divination” and “Department P.U.LP.” Since the site’s launch in October during New York Comic Con, MTV Geek has become a leading destination for geek culture with nearly 1 million unique visitors per month.

“These new partnerships underscore our primary mission to provide passionate fans a singular hub that celebrates comics, sci-fi, fantasy, music, horror, toys, tech, and gaming,” said MTV Comics’ Executive Editor Tom Akel.

Comic legend and POW! Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Stan Lee and MTV Geek’s Tom Akel will announce the creative concept behind the forthcoming comic, “The Seekers” as well as a first-of-its-kind contest where one illustrator and one writer will be selected to helm the series under direction of Lee.

“The Seekers is the story of an ancient people who have been planted on Earth and little by little start to arise. What the human race is not aware of is that their purpose is to destroy the planet thereby eliminating all of mankind! But before you get too depressed, there are a few heroes who will be doing their best to save humanity. And we’re gonna give the most talented artist and writer we can find a chance to write and illustrate The Seekers comic book!” said creator Stan Lee.

Beginning August 1, aspiring illustrators and writers will be able to submit their artwork and/or writing sample via a nomination page on MTV.com. In late August, MTV Geek’s editorial team will narrow the pool down to 20 and feature their work on the site. Visitors will then vote for their favorite and the five most popular artists and writers will move on to the final round. These 10 finalists will have their work seen by Stan Lee and MTV. Finally, at New York Comic Con in October, Stan Lee will select one writer and one illustrator he’s selected to work alongside of him to launch the comic.

MTV and Top Cow Productions will announce the forthcoming debut of September Mourning, a multiplatform project that will blend comics and music through video, digital comic books and live events.

Using music, stories, and characters both real and imagined as its driving force, SEPTEMBER MOURNING will utilize all forms of media in ways that are truly groundbreaking. At the core of the project is M Lazar, a real life rocker who creates the music of the band September Mourning as well as provides the inspiration for the fictional character and story which is its backbone. Building on creative pioneered by iconic rockers David Bowie and Kiss, SEPTEMBER MOURNING uses today’s tools to create a cross-platform, trans-media property based on a living person; a reverse-engineered Lara Croft for the rock and roll set. SEPTEMBER MOURNING is “ZIGGY STARDUST” for Millennials.

In the coming months, the character of September, inspired by M Lazar, will be introduced in the hit Top Cow comic “The Darkness” by Marc Silvestri (acclaimed X-Men artist and creator of The Darkness, Witchblade, and Cyber Force).Launching with a live concert by the band by the end of the year, we’ll simultaneously release the first episode of the series on MTV Geek that will tie directly into The Darkness comic, followed by a weekly serialized comic, entitled “September Mourning,” digitally exclusive on MTV Geek, of September’s story.

Each week on the September Mourning hub on the site, MTV Geek will feature a new 2 to 4 minute reality style video series profiling M and the band along with animation that cuts through the psyche of M into the September Mourning universe. Between the weekly comics and video reality series, MTV Geek will host two blogs- one helmed by M and the other by September.

“Some say when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. Soul Reaper September Mourning say; “EFF THAT!” September is just a girl with the power to make things right. Fate is pissed off and Top Cow Productions along with MTV are going to show you why dying is overrated.”

In addition to The Seekers and SEPTEMBER MOURNING, MTV Geek will also announce the launch of two new comics: Divination, written by Eisner nominee Val Staples and Gina Iorio and illustrated by Julia Laud, as well as Department P.U.L.P. by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood.

“Divination,” the first manga from MTV Comics, is the story of Anastasia Kempka, whose teenage life in thrown into chaos after she discovers an eerie connection to the afterlife. “Department PU.L.P.” will build on the universe created in MTV Comics’ “The Gloom,” a series of comedic one-shots beginning with “Dirk Maverick and the Space Badgers From Mars.”

New partnerships and exclusives include “Tanpopo” by Camilla d’Errico; new titles from Act-i-vate (“Megahurtz” by Joe. St. Pierre, and “Lilli MacKenzie and the Mines of Charybdis” by Simon Fraser) as well as a partnership with anime powerhouse Funimation.
These titles will join MTV Geek’s roster of original comics including “Teen Wolf,” “The Gloom,” “Hats,” and “Agent Mom.”

In addition to the MTV Geek panel, MTV will feature a series of panels, press rooms and autograph signings tied to its popular and forthcoming series. Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass”) will sit down with “Beavis and Butthead” creator Mike Judge for a one-on-one Q&A, and fans will be treated to an exclusive first look at scenes from all new episodes. Celebrated horror film writer/director Wes Craven (“Scream,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) will talk to the cast and series producers of the new horror-comedy “Death Valley.” Fans will be shown the world premiere this genre-busting series, along with a super tease of what’s to come this season. “Teen Wolf” returns to Comic-Con with an exclusive look at highlights from future episodes, a Q&A with the entire cast and producers, and cast signing of the original comic book. In addition, MTV will screen the first episode of the new animated series, “Good Vibes.”


  1. Don’t get me wrong…I love Stan Lee…but is there a better example of somebody who is bulletproof yet hasn’t actually accomplished anything in like 30 years?

    Seriously, what has Stan Lee done since 1980 that has any any real lasting impact?