One red-eye flight from Burbank later, and I’ve had the most uninterrupted sleep I’ve gotten in two weeks. It will take another 10 hours to really get normal, but for that I’ve got to hang on until the weekend. YOU CAN DO IT!

I’ll have more emblematic con thoughts tomorrow, but for now a few shout outs:

• Big ups to Chandler M. aka kaijuMOSES for cat-sitting. At the show I expressed concern to many people over the well-being of my 19-year-old cat who I had to leave in a horrible heatwave. I’m thrilled to report that Inky was at the door to meet me, and bright and alert as a kitten. I think in the future I’m not going to be able to leave her alone for this long a period, but Chandler did an AMAZING job and I can’t thank her enough. She’s also a cartoonist, folks, so check it out.

• HUGE thanks to the great Patricia Mulvihill who read my pleas on Twitter for an electric kettle to make morning Vietnamese instant coffee and sent one to our hotel, which although old and charming and conveniently located has NO coffeemakers, NO minibar and barely any Wi-Fi. It did, however, have a ghost and a balcony! Trish is the best friend anyone could have, and the electric kettle shall see us through many rocky mornings.


• A sad farewell to my perfect black mesh hoodie which I left behind in the Marina Room at the ICv2 conference, never to be seen again. You served me many long years as the perfect summer cover-up and died a Viking’s death at Comic-Con, mesh hoodie. Never shall I see your like again. Unless Nike makes one.

• Many thanks to all the pals who made the show a better, more enjoyable place: Ben McCool, Lorelei, Jimmy A., Jimmy P., Paul P., the Legendary crew (Bob, Greg, Heather, Joel, Arup and anyone whose name I missed); Ali C and Nate C for all their help; Jah Furry; David B.,; Calvin and Jody, the royal couple of Comic-Con; the guy who let me into the Spike Lounge so I could use their Wi-Fi; Brenda M. for hanging Sunday night; and many people who I will only remember when I look at the hundreds of pictures I took.

• And of course HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thanks to Torsten Adair, Kate “Oracle” Fitzsimons and Shannon O’Leary for all their hard work at the show. Almost nonexistent networks and the general logistics make covering the whole show from on the ground impossible, and having an eye or two in the sky is as necessary as instant Vietnamese coffee. To have folks who can do it with style and insight makes it even better.



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