Right after the Shazam trailer was shown at Comic-Con, it was released into the world.

Here’s what the cast was saying at Comic-Con, courtesy of our Hall H Liveblog:

– Shazam! time, with Zachary Levi out on stage back in his SDCC form!

– He got a Guinness from Jason Momoa.

– He calls the role “complete wish-fulfillment”.

– Footage Time! First trailer!!!!

– that was pretty funny! And we saw a lot of footage there, including Billy’s first meeting with the Wizard, whose name will be Shazam!! And here comes the lead kids of the cast and the director David Sandberg.

– everyone agrees says that Zack was actually the biggest kid on set.

– Tyler asks Sandberg about casting Levi, who he says plays being a kid much more enthusiastically than many other actors would and that was a huge boon.

– Can Shazam take on Superman? an audience member asks. Levi says in canon, Cap is one of the few characters that can take on Supes toe to toe.

– a little girl dressed as Isis asks if she will ever see the character on the big screen? Sandberg says “well, we’ll have to see.”



  1. I loved it! Showed it to my 12yo son who has no clue about Captain Marvel or Shazam and he’s pumped to see it too. Looking forward to it!

  2. I read the comments on YouTube and this one basically nailed it for me. Paraphrasing now as it was earlier today I saw it…. “This is not the Captain Marvel we knew. This is for millennials.” That was basically my feeling after seeing the trailer. They teamed him up with a sidekick now so he has someone to bounce dialogue off of. Now he can generate electricity as well. Still hate the suit as well.

    I’ll pass.

  3. “Showed it to my 12yo son who has no clue about Captain Marvel or Shazam and he’s pumped to see it too.”

    12-year-olds seem to be the target audience. Who knows, maybe if I were still 12 I’d be pumped to see it. But at my current age, I plan to skip it.

    Still, at least DC/Warner is trying to do something light and funny. They’re avoided that since the 2011 Green Lantern movie.

  4. I’m 52 years old and I’ve loved comics since I was very small. I admit that I’ll watch this and so will all the ones above who bothered commenting. LOL… YOU DONT HAVE TO PRETEND

  5. Dale, I haven’t seen the major Marvel movies out this year. Why would I go watch this? It looks like a dark, twisted version of Captain Marvel…

  6. This was pretty good and I’m gonna check this in the cinema for sure. Bit of lightheartedness that’s going to tested in the story, for sure. The dynamic of Billy and Freddy puts me in mind of Spiderman Homecoming, which isn’t a bad thing. A big fan of the Big Red Cheese.

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