The trailer for the Godzilla: King of the Monsters has arrived:

The Hall H presentation at Comic-Con just ended and here’s the excerpt from our Liveblog:

– Farmiga says that Godzilla was not her jam as a kid, but she loved Land of the Lost and has always daydreamed about monsters. So to get paid for it was a no brainer.

– O’Shea Jackson Jr. on the other hand was a mega fan!! He said he’s been waiting for this gig his whole life.

– The movie will feature Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. And the director, Michael Dougherty, says there might be a few other surprises!

– Brown is now asked to compare Godzilla to the Demogorgun from Stranger Things. She says the cast had neck problems from all the looking up they had to do.

– Farmiga says that Monarch is no longer secretive anymore and is aiming to try to help humanity peacefully exist alongside these monsters.

– Thomas Middleditch says the big question is: are the monsters a weapon or a resource?

– joking question about Sally Hawkins relationship to monsters is posed. Hardy har.

– They just showed a shockingly artful trailer for the film, which showcases Monarch trying to gather the monsters to save the earth from imminent destruction.

– Responding to an audience question, Dougherty says there will be the classic Godzilla theme in the film.