Good morning!

You know what this is…

– We are in the front row! Jason Momoa will be close enough to fling his hair in my face.

– They also gave us these wristbands, which I’ve been told is a Harry Potter thing, forgive my hairy arms:

– The panel will actually begin at 10:30 am Pacific. So as soon as things get cooking, I’ll be off to the races, and you can follow along. Keep hitting refresh when the time comes, and thank you for joining me on this wild ride. We’re doing this together, you and me!

– Just a few minutes to go….

– I got reminded by a pal that the Godzilla sequel might be shown here too…so, Kyle Chandler alert!!!!

– Eddie Ibrahim, the director of SDCC programming is out. It’s time, y’all!

– Here comes the WB panorama…lord almighty my trachea is vibrating.

– Aisha Tyler is here to moderate!

– first up is the new Fantastic Beasts! We get a teaser of the upcoming adventure to Paris and all our bracelets start to glow.

– Eddie Redmayne is out twirling his wand. He clearly loves this.

– It’s a big Q and A, and the first question is: which character would he play if he could play someone from the original series?

– He responds with Hagrid, thanks to his animal/Beasts love

– and now the cast steps out ahead the trailer!

– the trailer plays like gangbusters for this crowd and I have to assume it’s about to go up at large so I’ll spare you the descriptions.

– Ezra Miller is clearly the star of this panel, and is sharing all of his Harry Potter love for the crowd. Tossing out all kinds of names that go right over my head.

– Tyler is asking Jude Law about the stakes, and he describes it as a “whose side are you on?” Story particularly for the wizards in the Wizarding World and says it’s the darkest material this series has ever plumbed before.

-Audience q&a time already!

– If you could cast any spell, what would it be?

– first answer: Impeach Trump. Dan even comes up with a spell name: Impeachius Maximus!

– Tyler says she wants to go ahead and broach the topic everyone wants to talk about: Hot Dumbledore.

– Law addresses his age as 45, a young 45 he reiterates! “I’m 45 now and I don’t feel very young anymore”.

– he praises David Yates ability to let him take control of the character, and there will be nuances to the younger versions of the character that will be explored later.

– just before Tyler addresses the villain of film, out comes Johnny Depp in costume giving a monologue in character. An Anti-muggle speech!

– can’t imagine that backstage situation…

– Next up is the LEGO Movie 2, that is kicked off with an animated ribbing of Aquaman.

– The cast of the film is out now.

– Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Stephanie Beatriz join on stage along with Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The sequel takes place 5 years after the first film.

– The cast are discussing how the characters each relate to them personally. Banks shares a funny story about a poo covered LEGO from her children.

– Beatriz talks about the scar on her forehead that was caused by tripping over a LEGO masterpiece she built as a child.

– Pratt basically says the likelihood of another of his real-life characters appearing the film is good, in response to a question about Star Lord appearing.

– it’s not Star Lord, Miller and Lord add!

– we’re treated to the first teaser for the film, that parodies things like Mad Max: Fury Road and introduces Rick Dangervest, a huge fan of Emmet, who is a raptor trainer, among other things.

– that arm cast!!

– It’s not time for Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

– hey, it’s Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the rest of the cast!! Vera!!!!

– No Kyle Chandler! Sighhhh

– Farmiga says that Godzilla was not her jam as a kid, but she loved Land of the Lost and has always daydreamed about monsters. So to get paid for it was a no brainer.

– O’Shea Jackson Jr. on the other hand was a mega fan!! He said he’s been waiting for this gig his whole life.

– The movie will feature Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. And the director, Michael Dougherty, says there might be a few other surprises!

– Brown is now asked to compare Godzilla to the Demogorgun from Stranger Things. She says the cast had neck problems from all the looking up they had to do.

– Farmiga says that Monarch is no longer secretive anymore and is aiming to try to help humanity peacefully exist alongside these monsters.

– Thomas Middleditch says the big question is: are the monsters a weapon or a resource?

– joking question about Sally Hawkins relationship to monsters is posed. Hardy har.

– They just showed a shockingly artful trailer for the film, which showcases Monarch trying to gather the monsters to save the earth from imminent destruction.

– Responding to an audience question, Dougherty says there will be the classic Godzilla theme in the film.

– it’s DC time. What you came for.

– Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine and Gal Gadot are out first.

– Tyler immediately asks what Chris is doing here, since she saw the first movie.

– Pine says he can’t tell us. And sends the question Patty’s way.

– She says it’s a very important part of the movie to be revealed.

– Why 1984? Jenkins says she grew up in the 80’s and the reason she wanted to set it there was because it was mankind at their best and worst, particularly during the nuclear arms race.

– Holy cow, Gadot just looked dead at me. I’m dead.

– They showed some rough cut footage, with 22 weeks of filming left. Wonder Woman stops some shooters in a mall food court, and saves a little girl by tossing her into a giant teddy bear. And it ends with Wonder Woman running at top speed Lynda Carter style through a crowded city street.

– During the audience q&a, Chris Pine says his research consisted that Lyle Waggoner is one of his dad’s best friends! Whoa!

– Patty Jenkins said her goal has been to stay true to the Marston original and that Wonder Woman is all of us.

– Responding a question about building on the previous film, Gadot says the film isn’t a sequel, or a next chapter, it’s a whole new movie.

– Jenkins says she never wants to do something for the wrong reason or ever cash-in. The opportunity to make something as unique and new as the first one was something she relished. It’s not more of anything, it’s brand new.

– Patty Jenkins gets a question about her influences, of which she lists Richard Donner, Steven Spielberg as examples that are apropos to the genre. But she also mentions Penelope Spheeris.

– Gadot feels very privileged to play the embodiment of empowerment.

– Shazam! time, with Zachary Levi out on stage back in his SDCC form!

– He got a Guinness from Jason Momoa.

– He calls the role “complete wish-fulfillment”.

– Footage Time! First trailer!!!!

– that was pretty funny! And we saw a lot of footage there, including Billy’s first meeting with the Wizard, whose name will be Shazam!! And here comes the lead kids of the cast and the director David Sandberg.

– everyone agrees says that Zack was actually the biggest kid on set.

– Tyler asks Sandberg about casting Levi, who he says plays being a kid much more enthusiastically than many other actors would and that was a huge boon.

– Can Shazam take on Superman? an audience member asks. Levi says in canon, Cap is one of the few characters that can take on Supes toe to toe.

– a little girl dressed as Isis asks if she will ever see the character on the big screen? Sandberg says “well, we’ll have to see.”

– A Chuck reference. Because of course!

– Greatest American Hero singalong just happened. That’s the vibe here, folks.

– So many kids asking questions. Well done, Comic-Con.

– Also they’re giving Levi a real opportunity to hold court here and everybody is eating out of his hands basically. This has been the longest of the panels so far.

– In a discussion of what superpowers they’d want, Sandberg wants to stop time so he can Netflix and chill.

– Levi keeps arguing for teleportation though!

– Aquaman! Momoa is here!!!

– Tyler is talking to him about jumping off a cliff to promote today’s trailer. Y’all probably saw that.

– and here comes the rest of the cast, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Yayha Abdul Mateen, and James Wan!

– Patrick Wilson!! Patrick Wilson!!!!!!!

– Wan says he wants the film to play more like a science fiction/fantasy film than the traditional superhero movie.

– On the challenges of filming in an underwater world! Momoa: “I still have this rash from James”.

– Yayha: “I was worried I was going to have to learn how to swim”

– He taught himself secretly how to swim at the hotel! And incrementally got better over the months.

– and he never had to swim in the movie after all!

– This is Kidman’s first Comic-Con. She tells the audience that she’s excited to strike a convention like this off the bucket list.

– Amber Heard is now talking about how much she hates getting wet, which is ironic given how often she seems to be getting soaked in her movies.

– trailer time once again!! Yesssss!

– You’ll see it online in a second. But the art design is *lush*.

– Wilson: “hello everybody! It’s been a while since the Watchmen days.”

– Wilson is praising Wan’s attention to detail and character given their past working relationship.

– Some Aqualad talk in the audience q&a

– Question for Yayha about what villains he’d want to see Black Manta team up with. He’s a big Batman fan, so the instant answer is the Joker.

– exclusive Hall h footage next. Sorry!

– It was another super-extended trailer, that showed Arthur and Mera on a exotic desert journey into a tomb. They discover that they must capture the Trident of Poseidon, which leads to a awesome rooftop battle and gives way to the first fight between Aquaman and Black Manta.

– we even got to see Nicole Kidman get in on the action, taking on some Atlantean home invaders of some kind.

– the last shot was Momoa in the actual Aquaman costume! Orange armor!!

– and they just straight up talk underwater!

And the big bow!

– that’s a wrap for this year in Hall H! Thank you again for joining us. This was easily one of WB’s best presentations in years. Come on, December!!!


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