Written by: Brandon Pascall
Pictures by: Brett Pascall

The cast and crew of The Walking dead gathered at the Hilton Bayfront for a press event and gave hints on what to expect for Season 9. Here is what we learned.

  1. Andrew Lincoln would prefer to leave the show alive rather than dead. He says that the two year time jump will have been two years of peace which is unfamiliar to the group. He says that the most satisfying scenes that he has filmed this season have been with Michonne and Daryl. The show will explore a new phase in Rick’s and Michonne’s relationship and will focus on more of their love life. The Daryl scene should be expected in episode 4 of the new season and Andrew and Scott Gimple stated that Norman and Andrew practiced the scene multiple times in the week leading up to its shooting. Norman calls it “f**king epic”.  Andrew was not able to comment on if Rick would see the Whisperers this season.
  1. Norman Reedus stated that this season will be female-driven and the story they are trying to tell will be told in a different way than the previous season. He also stated that it feels much more like a western than an action adventure story. He also commented on Carol and his love life, in which he states that they will have a sweet and heartfelt moment this season.
  1. We will also be seeing a different side of Negan this season. Jeffery Dean Morgan believes that there is a redemption story to be told with Negan but whether we will see that in the show is left up in the air. Negan will also be interacting with new faces this season as opposed to just Rick.
  1. The show feels reinvented. Angela Kang, Scott Gimple, and Greg Nicotero are all in agreeance that the story of the show will be at the forefront this season. The relationships between these characters will be deepened and that interpersonal issues are on the rise. The relationships we have seen with these characters of 9 years will be expanded.
  1. New threats are on the rise, issues between Maggie and Rick will be a big focal point, Rick told Maggie that one day Rick would be following her, and she feels like Rick has betrayed her trust and she is not letting Maggie do what she needs to do.
  1. With Alpha being cast, it was stated that Beta cannot be too far behind. Also, if the circumstances play out right we will find out what has happened to Heath who has not yet reappeared since season 7. It may not be in The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead, but his fate will eventually be known.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 7th.


  1. I keep noticing that all the SDCC coverage assumes a deep preexisting level of knowledge about every story’s subject. Who is Andrew Lincoln, and what’s his responsibility to the show? We learn that “Angela Kang, Scott Gimple, and Greg Nicotero are all in ‘agreeance'” but we do not learn who any of them are. Someone who’s a casual viewer, or who checked out a couple seasons ago, might get very little from ignoring a basic tenet of storytelling and journalism: the ‘who’ in the who/what/where/when …

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