Right on schedule, the Aquaman trailer has finally arrived.

Here’s what was being said about it by Jason Momoa and the rest of the cast had to say about it, courtesy of our Hall H Liveblog.

– Aquaman! Momoa is here!!!

– Tyler is talking to him about jumping off a cliff to promote today’s trailer. Y’all probably saw that.

– and here comes the rest of the cast, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Yayha Abdul Mateen, and James Wan!

– Patrick Wilson!! Patrick Wilson!!!!!!!

– Wan says he wants the film to play more like a science fiction/fantasy film than the traditional superhero movie.

– On the challenges of filming in an underwater world! Momoa: “I still have this rash from James”.

– Yayha: “I was worried I was going to have to learn how to swim”

– He taught himself secretly how to swim at the hotel! And incrementally got better over the months.

– and he never had to swim in the movie after all!

– This is Kidman’s first Comic-Con. She tells the audience that she’s excited to strike a convention like this off the bucket list.

– Amber Heard is now talking about how much she hates getting wet, which is ironic given how often she seems to be getting soaked in her movies.




  1. Yeah, I’m not fussed about this movie at all. Aquaman would always be a hard sell with me and this would have to get exceptional reviews for me to see it in cinema.

    When someone does world-building on this CGI epic scale, I always bring it back to Avatar as the scale of movie. But at least Avatar had its take-home ideas and well communicated and entertaining points. I’m not sure Aquaman has any of that or the ability to do it well. If Avatar owed a lot to Lawrence of Arabia or Pocahontas, what’s Aquaman owe something to? (and what’s the ideological depth/resonance of Arthurian legend – pu-lease!

  2. Avatar was a blatant rip-off of Dances With Wolves, with aliens instead of Indians.

    Aquaman looks pretty good, and I may see it just to look at Amber Heard as Mera. But these scenes are so CGI-heavy, it’s like watching a cartoon. Why not go all the way and make it an animated film?

  3. I’ll have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised when I see it on DVD. That’s always better than having higher expectations and then experience a disappointment during the actual movie.

    I’m not exactly sure what Romancing the Stone as a touchstone but I could guess that Arthur is as much a an adventuring rogue and outsider as Michael Douglas was, with Heard being caught up in his wake, ala Kathleen Turner? Look, much depends on Arthur’s eventual overall attitude to the throne and duty, and whether he’d rather continue to be the outsider.

    I saw some similarity of shot with Arthur as a boy to Clark in Man of Steel, in the trailer, which was interesting to think of. It puts in mind, if there are so many Atlanteans, then why is Arthur the only one to save them/us/whomever (?! – and I never have a satisfying answer to that, personally). Answer is because he’s of both worlds, like Supes. What diminishes that possible uniqueness is the inevitability of the heir to the throne assuming his natural responsibility. With such pre-determined alignment of Good with born to rule (like with T’Challa; this leaves me cold). If story follows that sequence… eh. But if Arthur remains the denying rogue (kind of like Wonder Woman, a little), then that is better, in my book. And that does rely on Momoa’s ability to carry and perform, which they’re pushing for I’ll bet. So, maybe. Me being optimist on material I’m not fond of, for reasons stated here and previously.

    George, I never thought of Dances with Wolves but I find Lawrence of Arabia so much more compelling than that movie that it obliterates my seeing another movie to compare it to. Pocahontas is the much older story too, with Dances with Wolves being derivative of it, I expect. But, point of comparison’s taken, cool, never linked it.

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