By Daniel Lodge

1) We’re getting a Steven Universe movie!  The release date has yet to be announced.  The trailer depicts the faces of the crystal gems shown sequentially.  At the end of the trailer the silhouette of a menacing and unknown figure is shown – speculation on the internet is rampant but so far no one has identified this face. Any ideas?

2) The next episode of Steven Universe is titled “Legs From Here to Homeworld.” In this episode Steven travels to homeworld to meet White Diamond for the first time. (SPOILERS: The title is based on the fact that Pink Diamond’s ship takes the form of a woman’s legs.  Yellow and Blue Diamond try to heal corrupt gems on Earth, but complications ensue.)

3) White Diamond’s character design is finally revealed! The design is inspired by drawings from Nell Brinkley, an American illustrator and comic artist from the early 1900s, and you can see the the impact of Brinkley’s work in White Diamond’s monochromatic design. We’ve been waiting years for this reveal, and her design is stunning.

4) The “Heart of the Crystal Gems” episodes are coming out on Blu-Ray/DVD. The episodes will be released on Aug. 19.

5) Ruby and Sapphire get married in the episode “Reunited,” but we almost didn’t see the wedding. Although this was a big event in Steven Universe, Sugar originally intended for Ruby and Sapphire to be already betrothed off-screen. She pitched for them to be wearing wedding rings in the episode “That Will Be All” from season 4, but ultimately decided to feature the wedding on screen.


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