legion experience 2017.png

Wouldn’t you like to go inside the head of David Haller, aka Legion, the mentally troubled hero of the utterly weird and wonderful LEGION TV show? While I’d most like to go inside the head of Noah Hawley, the genius creator of Legion, Fargo and more, at this years’ San Diego Legion will be part of the FX Experience, located in front of the Hilton Bayfront in a reedy, windswept mystery area.

The attraction even features a NEW buzzword: an immersive “mixed reality” (MR) experience – powered by the Microsoft HoloLens. While I think of mixed reality as what happens when I chug as much TJ coconut cold brew as I have the last few days,  this allows you to interact with holograms. All I want to know is how much like a Bill Sienkiewicz drawing will it be.

“Sessions: The Legion Mixed Reality Experience” will transport fans into the headspace of David Haller, where they will be able to interact with his world and test the boundaries of their own reality. Fans will go through key scenes as seen in Legion season 1, and for the first time, get a sneak peek into season 2. In addition to full use of Microsoft’s HoloLens, the MR experience will feature real-life actors throughout the experience for a full emergence into the world of Legion.

Sounds intriguing, and if you don’t want to stand in line ally day, you can make advanced reservations for “Sessions: The Legion Mixed Reality Experience”  at LegionSessions.com, beginning July 17.

Other FX shows that will be part of the lawn display include Atlanta, American Horror Story and Archer. The whole thing sounds SUPER trippy.