Just like the fortified walls of Mordor, one doesn’t simply walk through the San Diego Comic-Con exhibit floor. If you find yourself however either a hobbit or an avid collector of merch, this veritable lair of slow moving traffic and obstacles made from oversized bags and motorized-chairs will be of no deterrent. One such booth that has so far have attracted many to drop their money faster than the “One Ring” in a volcano (I swear that’s the last Lord of the Rings pun) is Factory Entertainment.

Factory Entertainment is a manufacturer and distributor of “high-quality licensed toy, collectibles and household goods.” Predominately featuring properties steeped in pop-culture, just about all their merchandise can be recognized at a glance, making them heavily sought after. No more evidence of this is needed beyond the line that wrapped itself around and outward from the Factory Entertainment booth on the exhibit floor. Things were so busy that when Jordan Schwartz, owner of Factory Entertainment, gave me the grand tour, we had to squeeze ourselves between the glass displays and the throngs of waiting customers.

Owner of Factory Entertainment, Jordan Schwartz

Schwartz pointed out the various properties that they sell products for, which ranged anywhere from blockbuster movie titles, current and critically acclaimed shows, to pieces of pure nerd-nostalgia. “Game of Thrones is really popular right now,” said the owner as he pointed out a replica of Robert Baratheon’s crown. The “Baratheon Crown” is a limited-edition prop replica of the very one that is worn in the show, made by taking a direct casting of one of the actual ones used on set. Priced at $349.99, the crown is crafted from actual metal and given a lustrous gold effect. It also comes with an iron motif display stand, an individually numbered plaque medallion cast in metal, and a certificate of authenticity.

As a Comic-Con exclusive, Factory Entertainment is also selling a “Hand of the Queen Bottle Opener.” This had already been a product that they sold said Schwartz, but with one big difference. “This one features the same antique silver finish that is worn in the show by Tyrion Lannister, whereas the other was more a brass finish.” These silver finish editions are limited to a thousand and go for $20.

“Hand of the Queen” Bottle Opener

As for movies, the “Awesome Groot 2 Premium Statue” has been getting a lot of attention. “As you probably know, that’s from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie,” said Schwartz. The statue is a 1:1 scale, featuring high-levels of detailing due to being sculpted from the actual CGI from the movie, and holds Starlord’s “Awesome Mix Vol. 2” cassette tape in its left hand. A nice touch is that the mix tape is real and features the same label used in the movie. The sad part is that the tape itself is blank. The statue is priced at $149.99.

The “Batman-1966 TV Series Batcave Desktop Sculpture” is outstandingly accurate when compared to shots of the actual set. Though only taking pre-orders currently, the sculpture measures 18” x 14” x 9” and weighs over 20lbs. For size and level of painstaking accuracy, the set is priced at a whopping $799.99. Holy-Hera, Batman. Owner Jordan Schwartz pointed out that if you purchase the “Gotham City – 14 Miles” sign, a size version of the one situated just outside of the model’s entrance, you get $100 off the sculpture. Ultimately, that’s an instant $80 less you pay if you get both. See, I can do math. The deal also extends online, but only while supplies last.

For those reading who are not able to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, all the items mentioned and more are available through Factory Entertainment’s website, FactoryEnt.com, as long as they didn’t sell out at the convention of course. Thank you, Jordan Schwartz, for giving a tour of your booth, despite the crowd, and sharing some information of your merchandise.