Announced today at the Dark Nights: Metal/Dark Matter panel, Eisner nominee Jeff Lemire will be making his return to DC Comics with The Terrifics, a team spinning out of the Metal event comprised of: Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man, Metamorpho and a character to be identified.

Lemire’s appearance was a surprise addition to the panel focused on the Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s reunion event.

The team had been teased earlier in the weekend at a display outside of the DC Booth in the SDCC exhibit floor.

Observant readers will note that these characters have power sets that mirror those of the various members of Marvel’s Fantastic Four. The FF have not had a comic for several years now, so it appears that DC has seized the moment to capitalize on the vacuum. Panel host Dan DiDio made knowing nod towards the Fantastic Four when he said The Terrifics are “not just a team. They’re a family.” Lemire directly addressed the comparison by saying that he hopes to channel the “classic Fantastic Four” stories through his series. 

Update: While it wasn’t announced at the panel, the scuttlebutt on the ground is that Phantom Girl is the fourth member. A very FF-like lineup indeed!

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