By Gabriel Neeb
At the panel for Marvel Comics’ SECRET EMPIRE, held at the San Diego Comic Convention, it was revealed that Mark Waid would assume writing duties on Captain America in November 2017, with his frequent collaboraton Chris Samnee assuming art duties. The title would once again be renumbered, beginning their run with #695.
It was not revealed as to the exact reasons behind the renumbering beyond the effects of the upcoming Legacy event, but the audience at the panel seemed to greet this news positively.
When pressed for more information, Mark Waid said that “This is a coming home for Cap,” and that the initial stories he and Samnee were working on would reflect this attitude.
Marvel Comics has drawn a lot of controversy for its recent treatment of Captain America in the SECRET EMPIRE story and while the panel did not directly attempt to defuse the public reaction, recent actions by Marvel indict they are not unaware of the public’s feelings towards the story development.


  1. Nick Spencer’s run on both Captain America books has been excellent, but that Steve Rogers story will be over after Secret Empire. Good time for a new team.

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