Yesterday saw the news that Saucer Country, the Vertigo series co-created by writer Paul Cornell and artist Ryan Kelly, will be returning in 2017 – albeit with a different title and a new publisher. Next year sees Saucer State, at IDW.

First published in 2012, Saucer Country was part of a line of new Vertigo titles which ran for two volumes before being cancelled due to low sales. Despite that, Cornell had always said that once the rights turn to him and he was able to, he’d bring the series back – and so here we are four years after the last issue was published, with the story returning.

Saucer Country was about Presidential candidate Arcadia Alvarado, who finds her campaign falls to second priority after experiencing what may well have been an alien abduction during her run for candidacy. As things start to escalate for her political career, the incident begins to affect her personal life more and more – threatening not just her, but the people around her, and perhaps the future of the Country.

For the move to IDW, the series is getting a rename – perhaps because people kept getting it mixed up and calling it Saucer County rather than Country. To coincide with the start of the new ongoing series next year, IDW also have plans to collect the previous 14 issues into an omnibus, to be published simultaneously with Saucer State #1.

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