By Kevin Pearl

On Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso was added as a last minute moderator for the Divided We Stand Panel, where the company revealed more of its post-Civil War II Status Quo. Creators Jason Aaron (Mighty Thor), Ryan North (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), David Walker (Nighthawk), Jim Zub (Thunderbolts) and Reilly Brown (Slapshot) were on hand to dish secrets from their upcoming titles.


Fan-favorite writer Jason Aaron is excited to continue his work on Thor – this time taking Asgard to war in an upcoming arc he described as “Lord of The Rings vs. Star Trek”. The Asgardians will be going toe-to-toe with the Shi’ar in outer space, for a story which promises a huge cast of characters. He will also be returning the original Odinson into the frame with All-New Unworthy Thor kicking off this fall. The series will show us where the original Thor has been and what he’s been doing on his quest to prove himself worthy of a new hammer – one which fans will no-doubt be familiar with…

Slapstick is perhaps the most humorous of the bunch. Series artist and co-writer Reilly Brown stated “if you think Deadpool is a little too high-brow, then Slapstick is for you!” noting that “Noting that “although the character looks silly, the comic will show that sometimes dropping an anvil on someone’s head isn’t as funny as it seems in a cartoon.” Joining the veteran Deadpool artist on this new series will be writer Fred Van Lente.

Occupy Avengers #1 will be a new series from David Walker who told the crowd “Occupy is like A-Team adventures but only with the Avengers. It shows how Barton reconciles with the rest of the world following his role of the events in of Civil War II.” Joining Hawkeye’s team will be a group of other “non-powered” heroes that are sure to keep things interesting.

Director of Content & Character Development Sana Amanat also noted that a new Kate Bishop book is in the works and that fans should can expect more info on that soon.

The panel ended with audience questions ranging from “What did Nick Fury Whisper to Thor?” (Only two people apparently know the answer to right now) to “How do you decide which character to kill off next?”, and a good time was had by everyone who packed room 5AB.

With plenty of twists and turns left to reveal in the wake of the current Civil War II storyline, these upcoming titles are sure to keep fans talking this fall. For more info stay tuned.