Tonight, IDW announced that they had picked up the rights to perennial 80s characters Micronauts and ROM.  Two new series featuring these characters are slated for 2016.


No creators or other news on the series have been announced at this time, but IDW is definitely on an 80s kick, relaunching Jem and the Holograms a few months back.


  1. Lots of IP lying around Hasbro’s offices…
    Milton Bradley
    Romper Room
    Tonka (holeee… develop that as a young readers/preschool line!)
    Parker Brothers
    Avalon Hill
    Wizards of the Coast (includes TSR!… Remember those comics?)

    That’s the COMPANY list. If you dig into any of them, you find all sorts of stuff, like NERF.
    Anyone want to compile a list of actual comics that already exist, like MASK, D&D, Battle Beasts (!!! oops… nevermind.) ?

  2. ROM and Micronauts under one roof. The only real shame, here, is that they can’t get Bill Mantlo to work on these. :(

  3. omg never thought given the legal tape with hasbro owning the toy and thus marvel not being able to reprint their original comic. that rom would never see the light of day again. the sad part is that bill mantlo is not able to pick up where he left off long ago though hope the new deal includes giving him some compensation.

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