We’re not going to stay on San Diego too long, but if the surge of traffic that just swamped the site is any indication — people just got home and want to see what they missed.

Darlene Horn has a fantastic write-up onthe food at the show, from Anthony Bourdain to the kids who recreated the Avengers at the Shawarma shop.

Bourdain was gracious and very congenial to everyone, even when interviewed by YouTube personality Chef Bigfoot. Surprisingly, Bourdain was much more reachable than most celebrities who hit the floor. I guess in the world of comics, Bourdain is a much smaller fish than Shia LaBeouf, who was swarmed by wanna-be paparazzi in Small Press while trying to give away his book.

And then there’s whatever this was:



  1. The craziest thing about the Resident Evil severed human foot, is that it is apparently edible. I’m still waiting to hear about someone eating it and what it tasted like.

  2. They also had severed human hands.

    Had lunch with Bourdain with a 8-10 person group when he spoke at Google. I’ll agree that he’s gracious and congenial in such circumstances, as well as an interesting conversationalist.