Pika-Pika! Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is in theaters today and early buzz is already pretty good. Plus, the film is performing well at the box office, reportedly raking in $5.7 million on Thursday night. Whether you’re a longtime Pokémon fan or new to the franchise, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the film this weekend, in addition to hitting the theater. In particular, there are lots of cool DIY Pokémon projects floating around on the internet, including some that are edible, wearable and/or shareable.
We’ve rounded up just some of those DIY projects — five, to be exact — in honor of Detective Pikachu. Before we get started, have you seen this “leak” of the movie that star Ryan Reynolds tweeted on Monday night? It’s prompted tons of fan art and plenty of memes, all of which are frankly delightful.

Now, let’s talk DIY.


By Tara at Spot of Tea Designs via Wholesale Halloween Costumes
Licensed shoes are cool, but one-of-a-kind custom-made shoes are arguably way cooler. You can put your own personal twist on these Pikachu shoes by altering his facial expression or adding some lightning flair with sparkly shoelaces. If the felt ears aren’t your style, paint the ear tips on the shoes themselves or skip them altogether!


At last week’s Detective Pikachu pop-up in Covent Garden, Great British Bake Off‘s Kim-Joy decorated themed cupcakes to celebrate the film. These not only look easy, but sound delicious, which means they’re sure to be a hit. Start with any flavor cupcake you like, using a box mix or baking from scratch. Then, use the buttercream (or vegan variant) recipe Kim-Joy shared on her Instagram after the event to finish them off. She recommends a 2D piping tip to create a swirl on top of the cupcake, with fondant for the ears (tips colored with edible paint) and deerstalker hat. You can also use edible wafer paper.

Pikachu Sock Plushie

Although not quite the same as the real thing, this Pikachu sock plushie looks ultra-soft (and ultra-cute)! If you want your Pika-plushie to rock a deerstalker hat, you can make one out of paper or buy one on Etsy.

Chocolate Pikachu Surprise!

You will need to purchase a Pikachu cake mold for this one, unless you really trust your chocolate-sculpting skills. If cupcakes aren’t quite your speed or you want a show-stopping centerpiece for a Pokémon party, you can’t go wrong with this large, white chocolate Pikachu stuffed with sprinkles, gumballs and more.

Pika-Baseball Cap

Similar to the shoes above, you can put your own personal twist on this Pikachu baseball cap or put it together according to the exact tutorial instructions. Either way, you’ll have an accessory that’s one-of-a-kind.