Well so much for our J.D. Salinger moment.This being the internet and all, not 30 minutes after I’d posted my mystery of the great 2011 Comic-Con Food Truck Burrito, someone on twitter had identified the truck and posted a picture of a half eaten lunch.

Green sauce and all. The truck in question is @sdstreeteats.

However the matter of the food trucks and Comic-Con has also become a bit more mysterious. In an unrelated tweet, it turns out there WILL be food trucks near Comic-Con:

HOWEVER, it seems SDstreeteats won’t be among them, as they told me:

Obviously, yet more of the jacking up of prices surrounding all things con. I’m not sure if $5k is a lot to set up in this kind of situation but…it sounds like a lot?

So that’s where we’re at. SD Street Eats has awesome burritos. I want an awesome burrito. They want to sell me an awesome burrito. But commercialism and civic zoning are conspiring to keep us apart.

Stay tuned….


  1. Oh my goodness! That burrito looks good! Yes, I’m always searching for a good one and have driven 35 minutes out of my way for it. I hear there are some great places in Old Town but that is just too far out of the way.

    If they had these trucks set up next to the parking lots on the way back from the con, that would be the best thing ever.

  2. Comic-Con Nerds need proper nourishment/attending Geek gourmands got to eat too?

    I was wondering what the editorial through-line will be for this year’s Comic-Con coverage by the BEAT…

    From The Meltdown at Hall H— to The Meeting of the (Nerd) Tribes— to The New Invaders— to Eating Scraps [aka, The Dry Bagel Conundrum]— to The Year of Acceptance of the last couple of SDCC wrap-ups, it’s always been interesting to read this site’s reportage of the event.

    (It’s been fun as an attendee to compare AND contrast experiences when reading these. Comic-Con is an ‘elephant’— and our take on it really does depend on how we “see” what we are exposed to…)

    So, for SDCC’12 I guess it’ll be The Burrito Factor that’ll shape the BEAT’s San Diego criticisms and observations?

    /SDCC -4