Martin Coccolo is the artist behind Ape Entertainment’s ‘Helldorado’ comic, a three-issue horror western which sees the Wild West come face-to-face with the Mystic East. Chinese vampires fight against classic cowboys in a crazed genre mash-up of a comic, all drawn by Coccolo with particular focus on the gory bits most companies try and cut out.

In interviews about Helldorado, series writer Michael Hall says of working with Coccolo;

Martin’s sense of composition is excellent, but I think what impresses me most about his work on Helldorado is how his line quality and his use of light and shadow so perfectly evoke both the horror and Western genres.

Hailing from Uruguay, Coccolo is currently working for IDW as the artist on their Magic: The Gathering franchise, having previously drawn a series called Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls Vs. Zombies, which is surely something we’ve all secretly wanted to see, but have previously been too afraid to think about.


  1. Beautiful art!

    Thanks for these spotlights. When I look at the list of past winners, I recognize a lot of the names in the 80s but, with a couple exceptions, I don’t recognize the newer winners as much. Maybe it is me being not as familiar with the newer talent as I was years ago but I’m hoping these newer artists stick around in the industry and make an impact and be known.

  2. Martin is a true talent and deserving of this nomination. We are so proud here at Ape Entertainment to have been a part of Martin’s maturation. The best is yet to come for this hard working artist!