For the past week or so we’ve been getting emails about Neocomimi, a product which offers electronic cat ears which purport to be activated by our brain waves to show emotions. Like, when you want more Fancy Feast they go down, and when you hear the Fancy Feast can being opened they perk right up. That kind of thing.

Is this some kind of elaborate hoax?

Apparently not. It’s actually just a new vista in .

According to the PR,

Three emotional states create cat-like reactive movements that show how interested or relaxed the wearer is. When something catches the user’s attention, the ears shoot straight up. When the wearer is relaxed, the ears droop down. When both highly focused and highly relaxed –or “in the zone” — the ears will wiggle back and forth.

Necomimi is great for parties, tailgating at your favorite sporting event, bachelorette parties, cosplay and anytime you want to entertain your friends and family. Don’t take our word for it, find out yourself why everyone is saying, “Make my ears wiggle!”

Cosplay tailgating. That will go over well.

NeuroSky, the company that makes the brain wave sensors, is hosting a rooftop party on Thursday. Imagine the vision of scores of people standing around concentrating on wiggling their robot cat ears. That sounds better than a breakfast burrito.


  1. “Cosplay tailgating”.

    It’s already happening. It’s called “trunk or treat”, where people decorate their vehicles, dress up in costume, and drive to a public parking lot (church, community center, school). They park their cars, and kids come to trick-or-treat, going from car to car.


    Or… and I’m creating something new here, so remember me when this goes viral…

    People match their costumes to notable pop-culture vehicles. Perhaps your roommates dress up as Mystery, Inc. and drive around in the Mystery Machine. Or you dress up as the Tim Burton Batman and drive the “durante” batmobile. Or perhaps you’re into Penelope Pitstop. Or Ghostbusters. Or Fireball XL5. Or Back To The Future. Or Gilligan’s Island.

  2. Redwood City, Ca. There’s a guy with a spot-on replica of the Mystery Machine. Make, model, paint and font. I’ve seen him driving it and he’s not in costume, but I can imagine him taking part of such an event if it sweeps the nation and comes to the West Coast.

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