As the urgent tide of con-related PR flows into the small hours, it seems like we already know everything about the upcoming show, which kicks off in a here 2 and a half days. Gleeps. Anyway here’s our picks for what people will be taking pictures of and tweeting the most on Preview Night:

• James Bond car photo opp: Using RFID tehcnology you can get your pictures taken in one of four famous Bond vehicles. We’re guessing these are VIRTUAL vehicles, but who doesn’t want a photo of themselves sitting in an Aston Martin?

• Lego’s booth usually sports some amazing sculpts, and this year they’re debuting life-sized, all-Lego Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins statues. Bilbo stands 6-feet tall (much taller than an actual hobbit, grumble grumble) and is made from some 21,112 Lego bricks. The 34,307-brick strong Gandalf statue is a six footer, weighs 170-pound and took Lego scultpors 405 hours to assemble.

• Indiana Jones Snake Pit: another photo opp where you can get your pictures taken with some snakes, ala Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is coming to Blu-Ray finally.

Mind you, something we still haven’t heard of is bound to be the real showstopper (remember the Owl Ship from Watchmen a few years back?) But these will do for a start.