This is the part where we fellow journos log roll, right? CBR News Editor Kiel Phegley has the most delightful Comic-Con recap, from yachts to Joe Keatinge to Elijah Wood to Whit Spurgeon. And so many potential quotes of the day. Is it THIS:

* One more observation from the floor: when you’re a fan walking around San Diego and you see people in the biz chatting each other up, you may wonder what they’re talking about. Maybe they’re talking about the proliferation of comics culture in the world? Maybe they’re talking about the profits and perils of digital comics? Maybe they’re talking about some rad new series you won’t see for another six months? No, I’m just messing with you. What they’re talking about is “how much the other publishers booths suck balls compared to theirs, because you think our booth is the best one of the floor this year, right?” Booth envy. IT’S ACTUALLY A THING.

Or this:

On Saturday night, Ben and I embarked on the world’s nerdiest, boringest episode of “The Amazing Race” ever when we tried to go out to eat with about a dozen Marvel staffers. 1.5 hours and seven restaurants later, we ended up eating alone in a diner with My Little Pony on the walls.

But no, probably for the future of comics it is THIS:

In other words, Monkeybrain is to the 2010s what First and Pacific were to the 1980s.