What??? Hellboy isn’t dead????

Mike Mignola’s iconic Hellboy died in THE FURY mini-series. But no one ever stays dead in comics — especially hell-spawned demons.


  1. He dead! This is him just wandering around Hell!
    Part of the reason Mignola set it in Hell was so that he didn’t have to worry about too much reference and correct detail as far as location goes. (It’s easier to make up a building in Hell than draw a Japanese temple)
    So that answers the second question- Mignola is in fact drawing all interiors! Joy unto the world!

  2. They apparently won’t be doing Hellboy mini-series anymore as Hellboy in Hell will be ongoing. Since only Mignola is doing the all of the artwork, it is likely never to be 12 issues a year. However, Mignola has said he will try to have enough issues completed of any storyline so that they will ship on a monthly. Which is why it is taking so long for the first issue to come out (this was all announced in SDCC 2011).

  3. Yes, yes, yes. Sweet joy, just bought library edition number 5 today! Isn’t going to hell like coming home for him? If you are the reluctant anti-Christ can you die? Questions, questions.