Via EMPIRE, the international poster. Awesomeness and excitement grows.


  1. @Jack

    Er, wasn’t one of exes’ Indian with screen-toned skin in the first comic? They do a Bollywood dance scene fight. Fun times. There were also the asian twins that she dated too. Ah now I feel like a huge dork. Anyway, have fun.

  2. Hey Christopher, I’ve found some time to read your momentous put back of my snark aimed at Hollywood movieposters designers seeing as the exes include Indians, caucasians and japanese.

    It’s not that good or smart.
    Try harder, next time.

  3. @Christopher: Mario hardly needs to resort to comment spam to promote himself or his web site, any more than you do. (That’s more my level.)

    @Mario: Satya Bhabha (the actor) actually is rather lighter-skinned than Matthew Patel (the drawing); from the photos I’ve seen, his real skin tone isn’t much darker than the Euro-descended actors he’s lined up with here. The Saito twins do seem to have lightened up half a shade here from the photos I’ve found of them, but the main color manipulation of the exes is that they’ve all lost color saturation, probably so Scott and Ramona “pop” better. The greatest Photoshop sin here is definitely the length of Michael Cera’s neck. The hair… I blame the makeup department for that.

  4. Has official Michael Cera Fatigue set in for anyone else? If anything, I’m probably a little behind the curve. But at this point, you couldn’t pay ME to see this movie, even though I love the books.