Newsy bits that have been floating about:


§ Hope Larson tweets that her “magical girl” comic has been sold and will be drawn by Tintin Pantoja. While the publisher isn’t named, Hope also posts her version of one of Pantoja’s character designs.

§ Brigid Alverson looks back at the publishing news at last weekend’s Anime Expo. Short version: things have quieted down.

§ From last week but still developing: Chris Sims sniffs around and figures out that Marvel is testing using digital editions as “second printings”:

It might not seem like much of a big deal, but it does lend credence to the idea that Marvel might be planning to offer “digital second printings” of comics when the print versions sell out. And with the market for readers on the iPad growing, it seems like a pretty good idea: A digital release would catch those readers up just as well as a second print run, but without the additional cost and risk at the retailer level. But is that what’s really going on here?

§ Rich Johnston notes that many Humanoids cartoonists have moved to other publishers for their newer series, including Bilal to Casterman and Jorodowsky to Delcourt and Glénat.


  1. I sort of like the idea of Marvel using digital as a second printing destination. Might help make comics a bit more collectable once again, if there aren’t a zillion print editions out there.

    Of course that would mean definitely making sure you get your first edition copy, or oops, screwed!

  2. FYI – the Bilal move from Humanoids happened 5 years ago. That move’s sting for Humanoids probably has mellowed. As for Jodo, from what I’ve heard “it’s complicated”, but at least someone is bringing Bouncer to the states. I wouldn’t worry about Humanoids as long as they can get solid marketing out there.

  3. Digital second printings?

    Heh, heh, heh…

    You do all realize that’s what Bill Jemas was doing when they first started the DotComics program. All sold out? Put it online.