Los Angeles has gone from NO NFL teams to TWO in the 2017! WOW! After years and years of threats and ballot measures, San Diego Owner Dean Spanos just threw up his hands and announced the team would move to Los Angeles 

The team, which started in L.A. in 1960 before heading south, will play at the 27,000-seat StubHub Center in Carson starting next season. It will be, by far, the smallest venue to house an NFL team, but that should mean their games will sell out, meaning no blackout for Chargers home games on SoCal TV. The team then will move into the pending Inglewood stadium it will share with the L.A. Rams beginning in 2019. The news comes one year to the day after the Rams announced their relocation from St. Louis to the City of Angels after 22 years.

While the petite “selective audience” stadium where the Chargers will now play may not be the 80,000-seater that will eventually house both the Rams and the Chargers, it is better than Jack Murphy Stadium, apparently. That 50-year-old hell hole is so old and decrepit that there is moss in the bathrooms and the whole visitors locker room is overrun by ivy. It is so old, they found Balin’s tomb there. It is so old they don’t even have TVs, just radios and player pianos. It is so old they serve gluten.

Why are you reading about this on a comics blog? Well, Spanos had long sought to tie the fate of the Chargers – and their desperate need for a stadium that has a parking lot for Fusions and not just Model Ts – to the need to expand the convention center for  Comic-Con and beyond.

Voters this fall rejected a ballot measure that would have funded a new stadium with a new “convadium” in its bowels – a separate but equal convention center that could be used for mega events. CCI, the non-profit that runs Comic-Con, rejected this idea though, favoring a contiguous expansion .

How this all ties in to the still unsettled need for more space at the Convention Center isn’t clear yet. Any locals have any opinions? Let us know.


  1. Meanwhile, the Sails area is undergoing renovation, although most of the work will be scheduled around Comic-Con.

    The Convention Center is doing alright…

    There might be a ballot measure this year, but to pass, would have to use a taxing scheme that residents wouldn’t pay. The hotel tax scheme might work. Part of it is being challenged in court.

  2. Having grown up in San Diego County, I was a life-long fan of the Chargers. They were a part of my family’s weekend schedule for as long as I can remember. When Dean Spanos took ownership of the team that’s when the ties with the community began to fray. It’s also when the greater population began to realize that NFL owners dont like to pay for anything. Add the rise of awareness in concussion related issues (like suicide) and the passion for football begins to fade.
    The convadium idea was completely asinine and created by idiots who have never attended or produced a major trade show.
    With the drama that Spanos created at the end of the 2015/16 season, he made it a lot easier for everyone in San Diego County to understand just how the NFL really operates. Billionaires like to own football stadiums while the community pays for the billion dollar stadiums.
    Now that Spanos has headed to L.A. to be the owner of an even more mediocre team in a market that doesnt really want him, San Diego can finally get to the business of properly expanding the convention center.
    And we can finally say good by to the suck [email protected]@ spanos family. No wait, they dont even deserve that. .

  3. Spending close to a Billion dollars on a new football Stadium that’s used 8 times a year officially and maybe 3 or 4 more times for concerts or Championship games is a terrible idea for any city long term. The owner has to pay a $550 million relocation fee and he’d rather do that than invest that money and the $300 million the NFl wanted to give him to try and make something happen in San Diego. I dunno, billionaires and monopoly money.

    As San Diego transitions to less of a pro sports town, maybe there will be a bigger push to expand/replace the convention center as an attraction.

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