We told you a little while ago that Filip Sablik had left Top Cow, and now it’s revealed that he’s joined BOOM! Studios as VP of Publishing and Marketing. CBR does his intro interview:

My official title is VP of Marketing & Publishing. It’s a new position over there, working directly under Publisher Ross Richie and working with Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon, Director of Finance Phil Barbero and VP of Licensing and Merchandising Lance Kreiter, who handles all their foreign licensing. It’s going to be a cool dream team of guys all really good at what they do, really excited about what they do. I think it’ll key in to what are my strong suits in marketing and sales, from my Diamond background and working in the book market, but it will also allow me to work on the fun part of the editorial side of the job by collaborating on creative direction, spitballing ideas, etc., but I won’t miss having to chase my friends down for pages or scripts. Matt gets that distinct pleasure!

And like a good marketing guy, Sablik drops some positive numbers:

When I first started talking with Ross, I admit that on some level my perception of BOOM! was a bit dated. When you look at the history of 2012, you’ve got “Adventure Time” selling in the neighborhood of 25,000 copies every issue, books like “Planet of the Apes” are being very well received by critics and performing quite well, and then with “Higher Earth” launching at 20,000 and “Fanboys Vs. Zombies” with the $1 issue launching at 32,000, well, I think they’re already hitting their marks. But what I think is really exciting is what I can do to help push the company up the hill faster. That’s my attitude. I feel like I’m getting in on the final ground floor of BOOM! and I can help take it to the next level.

Sablik also wrote a very nice piece on leaving Top Cow that also managed to promote their next moves, which he had a part in:

And the best is yet to come, I can promise you that. Top Cow will be announcing an amazing groundbreaking series around Comic-Con this year. The series itself is exciting enough, both the creative team and the concept are top-notch and forward-thinking. The part I’m proudest of is how Top Cow will roll the series out. It’s an idea I had several years ago and something I truly believe will push comics forward. If there is a defining characteristic I love most about Top Cow, it’s the fearlessness with which they push creativity and preexisting boundaries. Maybe it’s the sentimentality of the moment, but I really see it as my legacy at the company.

As we’ve noted before the LA based comics publishers—Top Cow, BOOM! and Archaia —seem to be a very friendly bunch, with personnel moving around. Chip Mosher’s departure from BOOM! to go to comiXology definitely left a void at the company as far as getting out their message goes, and Sablik will definitely be able to pick up that mantle.

As for Top Cow, we understand editor Bryan Rountree has been promoted to managing editor there. Congrats and good luck to everyone involved in the crosstown shuffle.