Didn’t see that one coming. Whether it was the smartly rolled out launch, the strong opening lineup or just a lack of interest in Anderson Cooper’s sex life, the announcement of the new MonkeyBrain Comics digital line caught the imagination of Twitter to the point where it was trending for much of the day.

Also smartly, to take advantage of the excitement, comixology and MonkeyBrain decided to launch early—all five of their comics are available now in comiXology.
Interestingly, the MonkeyBrain story debuted on comics news sites, but still got a ton of social media attention, suggesting that in this day and age, CBR and Bleeding Cool can definitely break a story. It doesn’t hurt to have a catchy name like MonkeyBrain, either.

Of course, Jean Grey was also trending throughout the day, suggesting that nerds like to tweet. Just a theory, mind you.



  1. The Monkeybrain launch is really impressive and I’m excited about the titles and creators involved. Congrats to them. The early launch capitalizing on interest was extra-smart.

    I don’t think #monkeybrain was trending nationally/internationally on Twitter, however.

    Twitter changed trending with a new “focus trending” algorithm so you see trending topics relevant to your location and feeds you follow, so if your Twitter list is comic-focused you would have seen #monkeybrain as trending, while the general public would see other broader topics.

    Details here:

  2. It’s an impressive launch and a good-looking array of comics. What I am most interested in is that these comics seem to appeal to a person who is already interested in mainstream comic books without rehashing what such a customer has seen a hundred times.

    Pretty spiffy so far!