By Steve Morris

Buoyed  by the storming success of Walking Dead #100, Image have taken the opportunity to remind readers that the 100th issue of Robert Kirkman’s OTHER megaviolent series, Invincible, is not too far away. With what looks like the first of several teasers released this week, it seems that Kirkman is going to offer up yet another sacrifice to the Legions of the Dead, whom he has served so faithfully for the past few years.

But will that sacrifice be Invincible himself? After deigning fit to let protagonist Rick survive Walking Dead #100, is Kirkman planning this time to go all out and push Mark Grayson into the skeletal hands of Vengeful Lady Death?

It’s like that today, tomorrow and the rest of the week will see some more teasers released for the book, suggesting that many of the other characters from the series are going to hang in the balance. Who else might be in trouble? Well, knowing Kirkman, basically anyone. It’s a little-known industry secret that after each fresh kill Kirkman absorbs the life-energy of the character into his chest, Shadowman-style, with every new soul adding to his power and inevitable ascent to all-destroying Godhood.

Is anybody else worried for what’s going to happen in Super Dinosaur #100?


  1. NOOOOO! Dont kill Mark, anyone else! The new invincible guy is ok, but I want Mark back. Heck kill all the supporting staff, kill all of Image, but not Mark.