Numerous reports confirm that prolific English writer Si Spencer has passed away. The cause of death is not known. Spencer was best known in the US for work at Vertigo, including Books of Magick: Life During Wartime, Bodies, The Vinyl Underground, Hellblazer, and more. For 2000 AD his work included “Harke & Burr,” “The Creep,” and “The Returners,” all for Judge Dredd Magazine. He was also worked in television, for such BBC shows as Eastenders, The Bill, and Grange Hill

The 2000 AD blog has a full obituary for Si Spencer, with some quotes that show his thoughts on his work.

‘Part of the joy [of writing comics] is, of course, the natural urge to create and solve puzzles,’ he told the Megazine, ‘but in a broader sense writing fiction is playing God. Whether it’s something fairly low-level like The Sims or playing with dolls or toy soldiers as a kid or whether you’re looking at the deeper creative process of fiction, it’s clear that humans like to stamp their authority on things. We like to create worlds where things behave exactly as we tell them to, to impose order in a world of random processes and, best of all, create a world where that order is your order. Writers are just frustrated fascists, I guess; although that’s not strictly true because for me and I think most writers, the real joy is when the characters you’ve created start imposing their own wills and identities on proceedings and take the story off in new directions.

‘For readers, I think it’s the opposite impulse that people enjoy. They like to solve puzzles. In the broader scheme of things, though, the universe is still random processes and the more civilised and organised we become, the more that random element is taken from us. Our lives become repetitive and predictable and a writer or artist defies that by offering us surprise and intrigue.


Spencer was well liked by colleagues and many Twitter tributes are coming out:

The Beat sends its condolences to Spencer’s friends and family.


  1. This is one of my favorite writers. Based on his motives, I wrote my essays and drew comics with the support of the service After all, it is important to have a good writing service with good writers as a lifeline. This author became my mentor, I am very grateful to him for his work.

  2. Oh no! I literally just read the last four issues of his DC Black Label Hellblazer series last Sunday! I really enjoyed the 2 part mermaid story he came up with in issues #8-9.



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