This week in the Small Press Spotlight, some popular fan-favorite creators are taking their talents to the smaller publishers, specifically Second Sight Publishing and Source Point Press. Check out the details below!

Second Sight Publishing has announced a partnership with The Collective: A Comic and Game Community to produce a special variant cover for their horror title from Jonathan Hedrick (The Recount). Freakshow Knight #1 Hoyt Silva Exclusive Variant features Donny Cates, best known for his work on Marvel’s Venom and BabyTeeth for AfterShock Comics. The print run is 750 of the main and 250 of a yet-to-be-announced secret cover. Follow the link here to see more. Read a synopsis of the book below:

“During his time in prison, Red was surrounded by the worst types of people: thieves, rapists, and murderers. Now on the outside, he’s surrounded by the living dead. Armed with the only thing he’s ever known—violence—Red finds one last chance at redemption for a lifetime of sin.”

20 FistsSource Point Press has a three-issue series available for preorder all about fistfights and bad romance. What else do you need? 20 Fists centers on The No Names, a group new to the 20 Fists Fight League. Read more from the publisher below:

“As they begin to make a name for themselves the worst possible thing happens: their leader Chel falls for Billie, the leader of their rival crew The Big Jackets. Now, with their crews about to meet up for another battle, Chel and Billie need to decide… to make love or war?”

Written by Frankee White and with art by Kat Baumann, colors are by Gab Contreras and letters are from DC Hopkins. Look for 20 Fists in shops on April 28. Take a look at a preview below.