Rebellion have announced The Devil’s Railroad, a topical new series from Peter Milligan, Rufus Dayglo, José Villarrubia and Jim Campbell debuting in 2000 AD Prog 2352. It will release October 4 in the UK, and November 29 in US. The first new series in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™ from Milligan and Dayglo since 2016’s Counterfeit Girl, it promises a scifi, “politically charged” take on the ongoing refugee crisis.


devil's railroad

The press release:

“Set in the Year 3038. the series follows Constance and Palamon, a young couple who have just found out something that changes everything: Constance is pregnant. But their home on Diaspora X-167 is trapped in the middle of a cosmic warzone, subject to nightly bombing raids… and no place to raise a family.

“The couple have no choice but to evacuate their home planet in an attempt to make their way across the dangers of the galactic warzone – and to Earth. All humanoid babies born on Earth become Earth Citizens with full Earth rights, guaranteeing them a chance at a safer and more secure future.

“But in order to make their way to the planet, they’ll have to first brave the notorious and incredibly dangerous smuggling route known as The Devil’s Railroad…

“A deeply resonant and powerful exploration at what drives people to leave their homes and seek a better life for themselves and their families, The Devil’s Railroad is a politically-charged series which deals with themes of home, identity, immigration and belonging. If you’re a fan of stories like Saga, Children of Men or The Last of Us, The Devil’s Railroad is a can’t miss series!”

Peter Milligan and Rufus Dayglo have produced a number of series for 2000 AD – most notably continuation series of Bad Company in the 2010s, which Milligan co-created with Brett Ewins and Jim McCarthy. The last time Milligan and Dayglo appeared in the weekly together was on 2017/2018 Bad Company series Terrorists, in 2000 AD Progs 2061-2072. Their last original series for 2000 AD was 2016’s Counterfeit Girl which was serialised in Progs 2000-2008, and Prog 2010. Superstar colourist José Villarrubia makes his second ever regular appearance in the British weekly anthology following 2018’s Emma Beeby-scripted Judge Anderson series Undertow (Progs 2073-80) – where he was putting colour to the work of a tag-team of artists which included David Roach, Cliff Robinson, and Mike Collins.