Tom Spurgeon, writer, editor, foundational blogger at The Comics Reporter, CXC executive director, has passed away. He was 50.

Like everyone, I’m numb. Tom was my editor, my friend, my colleague, my rival, my inspiration. No one loved comics more. I can’t even begin to describe how much he loved comics. He held us all to a higher standard, myself included.  I’ll have more to say when I’ve processed this horrible news.

Tom was a one of a kind spirit who can never begin to be replaced. He leaves behind so many friends whose lives he touched and helped in innumerable ways. My deepest condolences to his brother Whit and the rest of his family and his many friends who are mourning him now.

Updated to add: Tom’s age was actually 50, not 51 as many reported. I’ve corrected it.


  1. My sincerest condolences, Heidi. I only knew Tom from interviews, but he seemed like a superb man and a brilliant representative for the world of comics. He will be missed.

  2. What a loss to the comics world. He contributed soooo much. His insight, intelligence, and passion for comics will be missed.

  3. Gutted to learn this today. Tom was such a strong supporter of good talent, established and new. He was very generous to me and the Forbidden Planet blog when we first got going years ago, his kind comments and support meant the world to us because we all looked up to Tom for his coverage of our beloved comics medium.

  4. Please note that Tom was 50, not 51. His birthday is December 16. Id like to correct the record for a man who made us all feel seen on our own birthdays.

  5. my deepest sympathys and i am stunned to learn he passed away for his comic reporter was one of the first sites i check for my dose of what is happening in the industry in his unique opinion . rip tom your legend will live on forever

  6. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. I’m sure that I’ve read a number of his articles over the years. I’ve seen it reported that Mr. Spurgeon was born in December of 1968, so I guess he was still age 50 when he died.

  7. As a fan Tom opened a door between mainstream and literary or art comics. Comics Reporter started at a time when I finally got into Love and Rockets, and from there introduced me to so much great talent I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. I also knew when a run of a major was worth checking out because he would mention it.

    I love and will miss his Sunday Interviews, and end of year interviews. I always enjoyed his Black Friday – what to but a comic fan.

    To all the pros, piers, his friends and brother Whit may you find peace and eventual joy from your memories of him. I am so sorry for your loss, I feel it just from being a day to day fan, but I am certain it pales to your sadness.

    Rest In Peace Tom, you’ll be missed.

  8. Very sad news and far too young. Like others his site (together with The Beat) were my regular ‘go-to’s’. Will be missed by many, thoughts with his family and friends.

  9. So sad to hear about Tom passing away. Sorry for your loss, Heidi. Indeed the world of comics and sequential art has lost a true blue believer, supporter and promoter of our singular art form.

  10. Agreed regarding Tom’s intelligence. I spent lots of times on a bulletin board in the 1990s, and Tom was the smartest, most eloquent guy in the room.

  11. Still in shock from this. I’ve been a Comics Reporter reader since Tom started blogging, and followed his Comics Journal stuff before then. I just…I can’t imagine comics journalism with him gone. I guess I’ll have to.

  12. This is very sudden, shocking, and unexpected news. He was a 20+ year friend, always a voice of wisdom and balance in the field, and fun to be with. Many many good memories. You’ll be missed, Tom…

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