Long time comics colorist and con organizer Ken Feduniewicz has passed away.As a colorist Feduniewicz coloed Captain America, Dreadstar and many more as seen here. In 1976 he was among the first class of students at the Kubert School in 1976, going on to work in the Marvel Bullpen and with many companies, including Archie, First, and Comico.

In recent years he was instrumental in running Nittany Con and Altoona Con, which will continue under the guidance of Jason Lenox. 

In the new tradition of such things, a GoFundMe has been set up to help his family cover costs.


  1. Damn, sorry to hear this. Tom Yeates introduced me to Ken many years ago. Ken had, I believe, been the driving force behind one of the last great fanzines, Third Rail. Deepest condolences to his friends and family.

  2. They broke the mold when they made Ken. He was an amazing guy with a huge wide open belly laugh. He was motivated by a deep love of comics, especially those by Frazetta, Williamson and all the other Fleagles. If there is a heaven he’s up there hanging with those guys right now.

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