The Karate expert who co-starred with Bruce Lee in ENTER THE DRGAON has died at age 67. These stills remind us that the 70s were the coolest decade ever,


  1. He played a part of my childhood memories. RIP.
    As a black kid growing up in the hood there were not many role models for me. In the 1970s the black pimp was king on the blaxplotation screen — but Kelly never went that route (that I know of). Once he did Enter The Dragon I realized you don’t have to be Asian to know martial arts. Not a big deal now…. but as a kid just coming of age that was news.

    And yes, the 1970s and 1980s were (in my opinion), some of the more fun, experimental and innovative times in North American entertainment.

  2. ‘When it comes, I won’t even notice: I’ll be too busy looking good.’
    RIP Jim, off to look good elsewhere.

  3. Wow, he looks like real life Afrodisiac in that first picture.

    Terrible news. Rest in peace, man.

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