Witchblood #4

Created by: Matthew Erman & Lisa Sterle
Colored by: Gab Contreras
Lettered by: AndWorld 

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In Witchblood #4, we get the same colorful action to which we’ve grown accustomed over the past four issues, and we start to see some of the deeper framework of the world being built here… and just like every other aspect of this book, it looks incredible.

Witchblood #4

This issue features a lot to love, including another musical interlude (clearly signaled to the reader on the page before, just like “Chattahoochee” in issue 2)… which is also another musically-named spell from Yonna.

Meanwhile, Yonna herself continues to be an irresistible protagonist. Part magic, part pandemonium, and 100% delightful, you’ll want to continue to follow her adventures no matter where they lead. The spell she executes in this issue is another banger, very different from those we’ve seen in the previous three issues but nevertheless in the same vein.

This issue also features incredible word balloon placement, especially evident in scenes where multiple characters are communicating with one another. Nimbly guiding the eye between art and slanted panel layout alike, the lettering is yet another way that this series continues to fire on all cylinders.

With its first four issues, Witchblood has set itself up as a reliable source of entertainment, and established a certain set of expectations: each entry will feature Lisa Sterle’s gorgeous art (especially awe inspiring through sartorial and character design, as well as its panel layout), the incredible colors of Gab Contreras (delivering the best sunsets outside of the ones in the sky), and the folksy, charming chaos written by Matthew Erman, which typically entails profanity-laced, laugh-out-loud dialogue accompanied by reliably innovative set pieces.

What else could you want out of a comic book…?

Paradisia Bath

Paradisia Bath in Witchblood #4

But the highlight of the issue for me was Paradisia Bath. Arriving unexpectedly and in the most extra way possible (on the back of a giant bat), this new character only appears on two pages of this issue… but she’ll be spending the rest of the month on my mind.

Like every other character in the book, Bath has impeccable style. Plus, while the cast members we’ve met so far ten to have little in the way of possessions, it seems likely that she’ll be bringing something unique to the table – I’m looking forward to her next appearance.

More Yonna, Please

Month after month, Witchblood is delivering on its magical road-trip premise… and by Witchblood #4, the series has made it clear that it can sustain this breakneck pace for miles down the road (consider the map of the magical countryside in Witchblood #3, or the enigmatic domain of Paradisia Bath, both ripe for future story arcs – not to mention the consistency with which the series has introduced new and immediately engaging characters).

Witchblood offers a road map to consistent quality comic book adventure.

 Witchblood #4 is currently available at your local comic shop.


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