In Honey & Venom by Kurzz, a lesbian couple from ancient times reunites in modern day San Diego, California! But now that they’ve found one another across space and time, will their romance be able to flourish?

Honey & Venom
Ancient times in Honey & Venom.

Honey & Venom

In ancient Rome, a mortal named Caelia meets a goddess named Axiothea. At the behest of Axiothea, Caelia begins assisting in the construction of a temple that will be a safe space for queer women.

Modern-day convenience stores: not so convenient?

A few millenia later, in modern-day San Diego, California, Robin Herrera is shopping for cat food when she is recognized by an enigmatic woman who claims that her name is Axiothea from the Asphodel Meadow. Ax claims that she’s 3,000 years old, and that she recognizes Robin as her priestess from another time…

Honey & Venom
Getting to know you, again.

But while Robin may have been having some strange dreams lately, does that really mean she has a connection to this mysterious woman? And are those horns on her head real, or just cosplay? And whether they know each other from another life or not… there’s undeniable chemistry between them, isn’t there?

Honey & Venom
The future is now… Worry about it tomorrow!

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Honey & Venom
On the streets of San Diego.

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An extremely cute outfit!

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