Teased earlier in the week and officially announced today, the Pokémon Company has revealed Pokémon Wonder, an experience where fans and fun seekers can go on their own unique Pokémon journey in Tokyo’s Yomiuri Land amusement park beginning July 17.

According to Famitsu and the official Pokémon Wonder site [translation via DeepL], groups of players will be able to explore “an undisclosed natural area located deep inside Yomiuri Land.”

The aim of the project is to encourage participants to

“[reconnect] with the natural environment that is being lost to daily life, through Pokémon.

[Pokémon Wonder] brings together creators and craftsmen who resonate with the project and transcend generations and domains to create a new natural experience that can only be done with Pokémon.”

The end result is

“…an activity to find hidden Pokémon by tracing clues in the grass and forest within a natural area that was previously closed to the public, deep within the amusement park Yomiuri Land in Inagi City, Tokyo. In the park, more than 50 types of Pokémon are hidden in two courses.

Participants will become Pokémon researchers and members of Dr. Creso’s research team. Carefully read the survey notes and search for Pokémon in the grass, the water, the soil…naturally diving through the vegetation.”

It appears that this experience will involve Pokémon made from natural materials. The adventure is limited to 90-minute slots and groups of up to six people.

Following an orientation area, dubbed Wonder Field, groups will have to choose between two courses – Ancient Stone Wall and Whispering Bamboo Grove.

Adult tickets will cost around ¥4900 (about $45), with discounts for elementary school students, and the attraction runs from July 17, 2021 to April 3, 2022.

And if you want to feel even more jealous, check out these promo images:

Pokémon WonderPokémon Wonder Pokémon Wonder